If the standard results don’t show enough information. Click on a record to view the conversation details.

To access detailed conversation information data Left-click the record by clicking on the appropriate row

(lightbulb) the background color of the row changes when the cursor is moved over the record.

Always make sure to click on one of the columns/fields of the desired row. Do not click on the icons on the left, because that will start the corresponding function without displaying the conversation detail page.

Conversation Details - data fields

After selecting a conversation record, the Conversation Details page appears, containing all available information about the recorded conversation.

The details page contains a large amount of technical information for each call in the system, key fields are:

  • Verba From and Verba To
  • Conversation Identifier
  • Recording Server
  • Source Platform
  • Storage Target
  • End of Retention

Additional Functions

The following functions are available on the conversation detail page:


Plays back the conversation. The status of the play icon varies depending on the status of the conversation, or it can be completely missing if the user has no playback right.  For further information, see the Playing back recorded conversations section.

Downloads the media file. This icon is only displayed if the user has the download right and playback is enabled.

Sends an Email containing a URL, which points directly to the conversation detail page of the selected conversation.  This icon is only displayed if the user has the e-mail right and the conversation has a media file.

Silent monitors the call. The full user right has to be set to access this functionality.

Deletes the conversation. The full user right has to be set to access this functionality (forbidden on compliance systems).

Gets the URL pointing to this conversation. The URL is automatically copied to the clipboard of the client.