This section is only applicable when the solution has been configured with Recording Mode set to Controlled or Controlled, Auto-Start.

This means Ongoing Conversations can be controlled to initiate or stop recording on real time.

To view Ongoing Conversations, hover the mouse over the Conversation tab on the top left and click on Ongoing

Once clicked on Ongoing the webapp will display all Ongoing Conversations according to the role/permissions assigned to the user logged in.

This is how a list of Ongoing Conversations would look like:

Removed CIF for confidentiality purposes in the screenshot above.

Useful tip: Auto refresh can be ticked and configured to refresh every X amount of seconds to avoid re-logging to the web app. For example:

Control Recording

A Recorded User would only be able to see their own Ongoing Conversations and control recording from here. 

A REC icon should appear on the left side of the conversation listed and once you click on REC the recording mode will initiate. 

To stop/pause the recording mode just click on STOP.

Useful tip:

For Supervisors searching on multiple pages of Ongoing Conversations going at the same time you can still use the Basic Search Options to find a specific conversation filtered by From, User or Labels.