(tick) You will see this structure after successful Sign In.

This article will provide an overview of the menu structure to assist in navigation of the Verba Web application. This will include a brief explanation of the different pages accessible through the navigational / header bar at the top of the Verba GUI.

Please note that menu items and functions are defined by a user role. Some users may not have access to certain functions and some menu items may be hidden.

Once you have logged into the Verba web application,  there is a bar at the top that will be referred to as the navigational or header bar.

The Verba UI distinguishes by User Roles. In the screenshot above we have logged in as an Administrator with full access so all panels are being shown.

(lightbulb)  You might only see a few of these depending on the permissions of your specified role. 

Moving your mouse over any of the menu items on the navigational bar will expand the menu you items allowing you to select the function or page you want.


The integral part of Verba recording for most users. Consists of:

  • Search - This menu takes users to the search criteria definition page where they can define various flexible search criteria to find conversations.
  • Ongoing - This item displays the list of ongoing conversations that are being recorded.
  • On-Demand Buffer - This list menu item displays conversations that are not yet kept but are marked for recording.
  • Saved Queries - This menu item contains the saved queries of the user that were previously defined in the search page.
  • Participant Sets - Customized participant sets can be used to define a group of people within the system.


  • Export - Users can export groups of conversations and create backups of conversations in this item.

Account Management

  • My account - This item displays an overview of the user information.
  • Sign out - Logged in users can sign out from the user interface here.
  • Online Help - This item opens a new tab in your browser, that points to https://kb.verba.com/
  • Downloads - Administrators have access to various Verba plug-ins in this item.
  • About - This item displays the version and registration information along with the EULA (End-User License Agreement).