Luware Recording differenciates access by user roles. This chapter will explain those types of users.

(info) Note that users can have multiple roles and belong to multiple user groups. This is explained on the page Groups & Roles as part of Luware Recording configuration.

Recorded User

"Recorded users" within your organization have their calls recorded and can access these recordings. The calls to be recorded can be selected based on the direction of the call. Refer to the table below for information on setting the recording direction options.

The default recording profile is:

Recorded DirectionRecorded ModalitiesEnabledDescription
ConferenceVoice, Video, CollaborationYesConversations where the user is part of a conference.
ExternalVoice, Video, CollaborationYesConversations between two endpoints outside the organization.
Federated InVoice, Video, CollaborationYesConversations initiated in a federated network and coming into the organization.
Federated OutVoice, Video, CollaborationYesConversations initiated inside and going out from the organization to a federated network.
InternalVoice, Video, CollaborationYesConversations between two endpoints inside the organization.
PSTN InVoiceYesConversations initiated in the PSTN network and coming into the organization.
PSTN OutVoiceYesConversations initiated inside and going out from the organization to the PSTN network

By default recorded users have the following rights:

  • Playback own recorded conversations
  • Export own recorded conversations
  • Modify self conversation search portal

(info) Also refer to Searching Conversations for more details on this.


The group supervisor has access to the conversations of all group members.

(tick) The user account must exist in the supervisor AD security group and be synced to be granted supervisor rights.

The supervisor can search and playback conversations of recorded users in their group. They also have access to the features such as labels, legal hold and advanced export.

By default supervisors have the following rights:


Administrators are users who manage the recorded users and extensions within their organization. Administrators can also be recorded, but are not by default. They have access to system settings and configuration but do not have access to conversations.

By default Administrator users have the following rights:

Please note that some organizations may have bespoke configuration and/or rights which differ from the default offering. Please engage with your Luware point of contact if you wish to discuss this further.
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