The Reporting tab aggregates long-term Service Statistics for the currently selected service. Nimbus gathers historic data in the background and stores it in a database using a specific Reporting Model .

In this view you see:

Reporting Statistics view of a Service


You can get detailed data point details by mousing over the chart areas as shown in the example above.

Use the filter controls to  dynamically adjust the scope (time period) of shown data points:

  • Current Day 
  • Last 48h
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days


In order to see meaningful data in this Reporting tab you need:

  • A service with at least 1 "Active" user (either Teams Channel owner or member), able to handle Nimbus distributed tasks.
  • Workflows set to handle the calls, and Opening Hours defined to accept incoming calls. Both are configured via the Service Settings.
  • At least one productive day of operation to get meaningful aggregated data being shown

Service Statistics

This widget collects service team metrics individual for each user. Data is aggregated from multiple productive days, up to 1 month (30days).

Service Statistics

The following elements and options are shown:

Name (area) Description

KPI Metrics

(top row pie chart and time)

Shows the following Metrics:

  • Tasks - Any incoming or outgoing task handled by a Nimbus
  • Reachability* - Percentage of calls handled by users towards all queued calls
  • Acceptance SLA* - Percentage of calls handled by users in SLA against all calls handled by users
  • Hangup SLA* - Percentage of calls customer hang up in SLA against all hung up calls
  • Queue Time* .- Shows the mean average queue time of incoming calls for the selected time period
  • Connected Time* - Shows the mean average connected time of handled calls for the selected time period

🔍 *Visit Nimbus KPI Calculations to learn more on how this metric is calculated.

Interactions / Task Resolutions

(bottom bar chart)

Shows detailed per-day task resolutions as bar chart for the selected (filtered) time period.

🔍 The legend is based on Nimbus KPI metrics:

💡 You can also click on the legend at the right right hand side to toggle the data points on and off .


Users Statistics

This widget lists User Sessions and their outcomes. Data is aggregated from multiple productive days, up to 1 month (30days).

User Statistics

The following elements and options are shown:

Name Definition



Nimbus service user. 

Task Resolution

(Bars and Numbers)

Shows data bars for accepted / not accepted tasks. A mean average bar is shown as dashed line 

🔍 RONA status is also counted as not accepted.

🔍 A full list of user outcomes can be found under  Nimbus Reporting Model > "Static Dimensions" > "User Session Outcomes"

Legend / Category 
(footer at bottom)

You can click on the legend entries to turn data points on and off.


Members Statistics Elements

Tasks Heatmap

This widget contains a heat-map comparing task resolutions on a 1-4 week scope.

Tasks Heatmap

Name Definition
Weekday (Row)

Sorts and displays the accumulated tasks per day as a filled circle.

  • Bigger circles mean that more tasks (of the filtered "Task resolution Type") have been recorded that day and hour.
  • The circle size is always rendered in relation of smallest to largest amount of tasks counted within the given time period.
  • In the Nimbus KPI Calculations Tasks are treated as "Service Session Outcomes" and can be either "handled" or "not handled". 

🔍 A full list can be found under Nimbus Reporting Model > "Static Dimensions" > "Service Session Outcomes"

Time of Day (Column) Summarizes tasks in hourly intervals

Tasks Heatmap Elements

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