Callbacks are an optional feature, enabled and scheduled using the callback activity in LUCS. Callbacks are always pushed on Service Contacts. The Service manages the Callback distribution according to the LUCS distribution settings.

To use Callbacks LUCS and RTC Launcher have to be configured in the following way:


RTC Launcher:

  • Callbacks option is enabled in RTC Launcher System Settings → Requires LUCS API Key and API URL retrieved from above.
  • Callbacks option is enabled for a Tenant
  • Callbacks option is enabled for a Service Contact,
  • Callback Templates are configured and assigned (as part of the Service's Contact Template used)

(lightbulb) Once Callbacks are configured by a System Administrator, Customers can initiate callbacks via RTC Launcher using the Contact Template without any further requirements on their behalf.

Initiate a Callback

(tick) These steps are written from a Customer's point of view.

To schedule the Callback perform the following steps: 

  1. Locate a Service Contact (embedded as Contact Template in a Site)

    Example: Service Contact panel with Callback Button as overlay.
  2. Press the  "Callback" button  → A Pop-Up appears

  3. In the Pop-Up specify:
    1. Callback number Any format like: | | tel:+41584444444 | +41584444444
    2. Set a Callback Date using date picker drop-down: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm
    3. Provide an optional Comment: max 300 characters.
  4. When done, click the "Callback" button

    Callback Pop-Up

Callbacks from Agent Point of View

  1. After the call starts an Agent receives the incoming toast message (IM) in his SfB client (in case of SIP target) or soft phone application (in case of Phone). (lightbulb)Please note that connection may take some time 
  2. Once the IM is accepted by Agent an incoming audio call is automatically initiated for the Agent 
  3. After the call is accepted by Agent an outgoing audio call is automatically initiated to the specified Callback SIP or Phone #.

User Notes :

  • Callbacks can be scheduled to a regular Service irrespective of "Available" or "Unavailable" presence status
  • Callback can be scheduled to a floating Service only when it is "Unavailable"(away, busy, offline). The call will be "Pending" in the LUCS queue until the defined callback time and the service is in available-state.
  • It's not permitted to schedule more then one Callback to the same target. This is reset when the scheduled callback takes place.


  • The System will attempt retries on failed Callback according to the RTC Launcher Web Panel Administration.
  • By default Callbacks has Priority=Normal. An Administrator can change the priority (on the sitecontact) for this service so Callback Tasks for Agents get pushed up or down in a large queue accordingly.