[2.5] RTC Launcher Release - 

NEW #45643: beta version of JS-SDK

NEW #43776: O365 integration

NEW #29752: Services support now screensharing and incoming audio/video calls

NEW #44753: Chats runs simultaneous in two different tabs

NEW #40174: iOS-SDK: Callback functionality for iOS clients

FIXED #47087: Presence issues

FIXED #47461: Transfers issues

FIXED #47450: Incoming call not handled 

FIXED #47465: Incoming messages are not working for AV+Cobrowsing

Known Issues

  • Latest iOS Safari does not work with IM and presentation. A/V with presentation works
  • Escalated window will not work in IE for different domains
  • Agent can receive two invitations in case someone is starting a chat and does not wait until it's established and clicks on audio call
  • During active A/V calls it might happen that video gets lost due to the active speaker
  • Sometime loading of contacts may take some time
  • Desktop Sharing does not work for mobile browser
  • The transport method longpolling can cause issues sometimes
  • Microsoft Edge(non chromium edition) does not allow changing the camera to self