Good to know

This page focuses on a first-time configuration of System Settings

If you're accessing an existing installation to make adjustments, note that configuration settings maybe cached by the RTC Launcher Service.

In order to clear service cache, send a HTTP GET request to the following url: /api/cache/clear

User Access

Define System Admin AD Group

After a first time RTC Launcher Installation access the RTC Login as a System Administrator with a default username and password. 
(lightbulb) A default user / password is within the app.config file of your in your RTC Launcher Admin Installation installation folder.

Afterwards, access "System Settings" and enter the 'System Administrator AD Group'.
→ As a result of the AD Group specification the default system administrator username and password become invalid (removed from app.config) 
→ Any user from the specified Active Directory may log in.

In the field "System administrator AD Group" define new groups in the following form (comma-separated): 

CN=<Common Name, Distinguished Name>,OU=<Organization Unit1>,DC=<Domain Controller>,DC=<Domain Controller>



(warning) This might differ for your system and IT setup. Further examples can be found on the Microsoft AD Glossary.

O365 Configuration

To allow O365 users into the Admin Portal you need to enable the feature. Also refer to the O365/Azure Prerequirements for necessary Graph API permissions. 

O365 Settings

(lightbulb) In case your RTC Launcher will be used by only one O365 tenant you can enable Office 365 token validation. 

Co-Browsing Features

As described in the Prerequirements you might need to adjust Surfly settings and provide an Agent Account.

(info) Co-Browsing can be dis- or enabled per Tenant in the individual User Settings