Via the "Domains" panel, web sites can be specified on which RTC Launcher the contact panel will be placed.

"Domains" view

Add Domain

To add a domain click the button →  a "Add Domain" pop-up opens.

Add Domain

Fill the fields according to the table below:

Field Name



Domain Name. It should be unique within RTC Launcher. The field is required.


URL(s) combined under a domain. Incoming requests that are not coming from any of the specified domains will provoke a CORS error.

(lightbulb) Valid formats: www.example.com / subdomain.firstleveldomain.org / trustedapp.azurewebsites.net

(warning) Wildcards like www.*.luware.com are not allowed. 

HTTP/HTTPS checkbox

RTC Launcher resources are secured by the cross-origin requests policies.

A provided domain name with the protocols will be considered as secure. At least one protocol is required (both can be checked).

Default Avatars

Default Avatars are applied to new Users under the respective Tenants. Defaults can be overwritten once you edit details of Contacts.

Click "Edit", then "Add Avatar" button to upload images.

  • Upload the avatars using the opened file upload dialog.
    The file format should be jpg, jpeg, png. 
  • Maximum image size is 300kb.
  • There are no restrictions on number of the uploaded pictures.
  • While not limited we recommend rectangular dimensions of 160x160px.

You can define different avatars for each presence status. Use the check-boxes to set the corresponding status. 
(lightbulb) Conflicting status assignments are automatically prevented.

Registered Sites

As TENANT ADMIN you also need to assign sites to a domain. Sites are assigned to a domain during site creation and - once added to the domain - shown in the "Registered Sites"section.

  • Several sites can be assigned to one domain.
  • If that domain is edited, the changes are applied to all the assigned sites.
  • If a domain is deleted, all the assigned sites are deleted as well.

A site registered to the current domain

Navigate to Site

Each assigned site has a "Navigate to site" button   which can be used for testing purposes. Click the button, to open the site details in a separate window.

Delete Domain

A "Delete" option is available on each previously added Domain entry.


  • System domain entries (specified during RTC Launcher Admin Installation) are protected and can't be removed.

  • Prior to deletion a confirmation pop-up will appear with "OK" and "Cancel" buttons. When clicking OK domain will be deleted and removed from the Domains list

    All the assigned sites will be deleted from the system as well.