Agents of the call center may act as separate Contacts or work combined in a Group. The group will be assigned to Sites and - when embedded - become visible on on websites.

Groups allow you to manage manage modalities, templates and settings for multiple contacts at once.

"Groups" page

Create Group

To create a group click the "Add Group button  → "Add Group" popup opens


Give your new group a name and an optional description.

Field Name


Group Name

Any unique for the RTC Launcher group name. Field is required.


Description. Field is optional. MAX length is 250 characters.

Details Tab


Assign Contacts according to the table below.

  1. Search for an existing Contact using the search bar.
  2. Click on "Add"

Contacts Tab

Edit Group

After a group has been created, any existing group details can be changed. To enter editing mode, click the  "Edit"  button next to the section (heading) in the group. 

"Details" section in editing mode

Delete Group

To delete a group, select it and click the "Delete"  button. → A confirmation pop-up will appear 

(info) When you confirm the deletion the Group will also be removed from Sites that use it.

Contacts Section

Here you can manage the Contacts of the group, add and remove as well as sort entries.

Add Contact

(tick) Precondition: Requires Contacts to be defined. Can be either O365 or RTC Launcher internal contacts.

To add a contact: 

  1. Open the editing mode clicking the "Edit" button in the "Contacts" section
  2. Click the button. → The "Add Contact" pop-up opens.

  3. Search for a contact to add. 
  4. Repeat as needed for further contacts. Then click "Done".
  5. Click button when done editing

Re-Order Contacts on Web Site

You can change the order of contacts in the group to determine their appearance on the Site.

(info) Related: Styling information such as height of entries and details shown per contact are determined by the Contact Template.

To reorder the contacts:

  • Open the editing mode clicking the "Edit" button in the "Contacts" section
  • Drag and drop contacts to the desired order using the  handle.

Note that ordering-changes in a group reflect back to all Sites where the group is used. If you need a different order (e.g. same Agents but sorted by different criteria such as their skillsets), consider making a second group and call it accordingly. 


  • Group 1 - Fast Response Team: Agent A, Agent B, Agent C
  • Group 2 - Product Experts: Agent B, Agent C, Agent A