Before you start

This chapter applies to: 

SYSTEM ADMIN - only when RTC Launcher is self-hosted. Otherwise, read on.

  • (tick) To use O365, System Settings Configuration must be done. Otherwise the O365 login will not be recognized or nor RTC Launcher usage permissions will be granted.
  • Functionality described below will be slightly different as you can manage multiple tenants. In most operation scenarios (Add, Edit, Delete) you will need to select a Tenant first before handling the respective users.

TENANT ADMIN - when using RTC Launcher in a SaaS contract.

Once logged in as administrator you can create further user accounts. Following the User Roles you can: 

  • Only grant permissions below your own role.
  • Define those users by their login-types: regular RTS User or O365 User
  • (warning) You may not create the same user twice. The system will warn you when a duplicate already exists in the system. 

Add User

To add a user, the system administrator should select a Tenant in the list and click  button in 'Tenant Users' section of the 'Tenant Details' panel.

  • Click 'Add User' button ;
  • Define User type;
  • Fill the required fields:

Field Name


Office 365 User

Check-box allows to add O365 users, depends on O365 System Settings


Available if 'Office 365 User' is checked.

(lightbulb) UPN address of O365 user in format:

User Name

User Name which will be used for the system sign in.


Combo-box with the available user roles: Tenant/Site/Contact Administrator. When the role is chosen the short description message for each role is displayed.

First Name

First name of the user.

Last Name

Last name of the user.


A 'Safe' password (that contains uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters) is generated automatically. It can be edited on creation.

Edit User

To edit a user, select it from the list and use the "Edit"  button next to the corresponding section of the user.

(info) Notice: the user type (regular or O365) can't be changed after creation.

Edit regular RTC user

Edit O365 User

Delete User

To delete a user, select him from the list and click "Delete"  button. → A confirmation pop-up appears.

Delete User confirmation pop-up

User with Tenant Administrator TENANT ADMIN role cannot be removed from the the system. Only an edit option is available.