Using RTC Launcher your website visitors can directly interact with your local Agents via the channel of their choice: web chat, voice or video call Using the RTC Launcher Client your employees answer the inquiry directly in their Skype for Business client. Customers and employees can easily change the communication channels during their interaction and even switch to co-browsing.

(tick) RTC Launcher works in any browser plugin-free and also integrates into your mobile apps, routing and contact center solutions.


RTC Launcher application consists of three application components:

  1. Client Web Site: IIS application, which is responsible for hosing and exposing the Web RTC Launcher plugin.
  2. API Service: Windows service, which is responsible for handling audio/video and messaging calls, receiving presences.
  3. Admin Web Site: IIS Application, which is responsible for a tenant's content management.

RTC Launcher Launcher schema

(info)The RTC Launcher components (API Service, Admin, Web Client) are installed using separate setups. These components may be installed on the same or on the separate machines. Please read the Prerequirements before you get started.

Integration in Skype for Business

The RTCLauncher creates SfB Conferences by making use of the Microsoft UCMA interface through TrustedApplicationEndpoints which are hosted under a TrustedApplication. The Skype for Business Components need to be installed on the same server in order to allow the communication with the Skype for Business Server.