As SYSTEM ADMIN you can adjust RTC Launcher System Settings. The System Settings are part of your Dashboard functionality and visible after your Web Panel login.

(lightbulb) Other User Roles will not see his panel, but may inspect part of the settings as part of their configuration. 

System Settings view

The following system settings can be adjusted on this view:

Field Name


System Administrator AD Group

The Distinguished Name (DN) of the System Administrator group in Active Directory.

Presence SubscrIPtion Stale Interval In Hours

If a contact presence state was not changed, it will be unsubscribed when the interval is reached.

Min: 0. Max: 24.

Presence SubscrIPtion Update Timeout In Hours

If the System does not receive any new presence status from contact, he will be unsubscribed.

The contact will be subscribed automatically with the next request.

Min: 0.  Max: 24.

Audio/VIDeo Call Timeout in Seconds

The timeout, after which an unanswered audio/vIDeo call are terminated.

Min: 10. Max: 60.

Maximum Count of Created Conferences

Maximum number of conferences, which can be created.

The main goal is prevention of possibility of Lync server attacks.


  • Logs WARN in Logs and Event Log if  90% of conferences is reached
  • Logs INFO if dropped below 80% into Logs and Event Log

Active Active ICH Supported

Determines if active-active ICH supported or not. False should be set if DefaultServiceEndpointUri is not configured on LUCS ICH sIDe

LUCS Conference Usage Enabled

Determines if reserved conference is used on LUCS sIDe

Conference Schedule Timeout

Determines time for scheduling conference. Default value: 10 min. The time should be increased if ICH is under heavy usage. Format: hh:mm:ss

Conference PhoneID Format

Conference URL format, used by PexIP. “pstnID:” is predefined

PexIP Version

Determines version of supported pexIP instance

Co-Browsing Enabled

Set to "true", to enable the co-browsing in the application;

Set to "false", to disable the co-browsing in the application.

Surfly Server URL

The co-browsing server URL.

The field appears, only if "Co-browsing Enabled" is "true".

Surfly REST API Key

A unique Surfly key for credentials

Co-browsing Conversation Context Application ID

A guIDe ID of conversation context that will be used in agent"s Lync/Skype for Business application to show client"s site through co-browsing.

The field appears, only if "Co-browsing Enabled" is "true".

Max count of co-browsing concurrent sessions

Max amount of concurrent sessions supported by Surfly. Total number of values configured for all tenants can exceed provIDed value.

Support Contact

E-mail, phone number or sIP address of the support contact. Set value is displayed on "About" pop-up.

Header to distinguish client IP

The amount of simultaneous sessions from one IP address during set period of time. Setting is configured for RTC Launcher Service. Disabled by default.

  • "Remote-Address" - client or proxy/loadbalancer IP-Address
  • "X-Forwarded-For" (warning) (or any other entered custom header) - custom header with client IP address

(warning) Please make sure it is properly configured on the proxy/loadbalancer.

Max count of messages per conversation

Max count of messages per conversation which can be send to an agent (direct or service) before he"s responding. Min: 10. Max: 50

Minimum password length

Minimum required password length for users.

Cache expiration time in minutes

The timeout (in minutes), after which the cache will release a cached data.

Changing this value will force full cache cleanup immediately.

Min: 10. Max: 50.

Session limit enabled

Flag that indicates weather session limit is enabled or not.

Session limit count

Maximum count of sessions.

Enabled only if “Session limit enabled” flag is checked.

Min: 1. Max: 99999.

Session limit interval

The timeout, after which the sessions will be released, if no new one is opened.

(lightbulb) Enabled only if “Session limit enabled” flag is checked.

Disable API Key Header

Check-box. Determines if ApiKey header disabled or not.

Callbacks Enabled

Check-box. Determines if callbacks enabled or not.


LUCS API URL in format: . Required field.


LUCS API Key in format: e36f5a98-2799-4d3a-931e-0deea1e639eb . Required field.

Check connection to LUCS API

Button to check LUCS API Connection. Upon click shows the successful or failed connection status label.

Office 365 login enabled

  • When enabled, allow Tenants adding O365 users
  • When disabled, no new O365 users can be added

Office 365 Application (client) ID

Office 365 Application (client) ID

Office 365 Directory (tenant) ID

Office 365 Directory (tenant) ID

Office 365 Token ValIDation enabled

Validates office 365 authorization token. Includes issuer validation (if office 365 tenant ID specified), token lifetime and token signature. Please make sure Admin application has access to