There are two ways to remove RTC Launcher components.

Removal via "Programs and Features"

Simply remove all RTC entries from programs and features. 

(lightbulb) Settings and Configs may remain in the installation directories. Delete those if you want to install clean-base.

Programs and Features dialog

Removal via the Setup

You can also run the corresponding RTC Launcher setup a second time after the first installation and choose the "Remove" option there.

RTC Launcher Setup Options

Change Settings after Installation

Note that you can adjust settings of RTC Launcher without a fresh installation by referring either to Config Tweaks or accessing the System Settings Configuration. For a full-on change of configs, consider a clean-base Installation instead. 

Quick Checklist for manual config changes:

  • Ensure that any manual config file changes are also applied to all the related RTC Launcher components (API, Client, Admin, SMH Service).
  • If you need to change Web Host Name, Web Port Number or Protocol in the Web Client, edit the web.config file as described in the RTC Launcher Admin Installation.

  • If you need to change API Host Name, API Port Number or Protocol in API Service, make changes also for Admin web.config and then execute RTC Launcher Client Installation steps again.