SMH service is required for enabling video functionality in case the SfB is older than SfB2015.

  1. Register SfB Server Application with Skype for Business PowerShell

    New-CsServerApplication -Identity "Service:Registrar:<registrar fqdn>/webintegration" -Priority 0 -Critical $false -Uri -Enabled $true
  2. Install SMH with the setup package

  3. Edit the SMH.Service.exe.configuration located in the installation folder

    1. Make sure, the ManifestUri matches the registered Skype for Business Server Application Uri (ex.

    2. Add in the SipAddresses parameter every RTCLauncher Application Endpoint URI (ex. sip: rtclauncher01@dev.local), delimited by a semicolon (';')

    3. If you want to use VideoBasedScreenSharingExtractor set the flag accordingly

    4. Enable or disable the VideoSdpModifier

    5. Add the Skype for Business Frontend server FQDNS

    6. Set the amount of minutes for debug logging. it's only active for this time (prints debug logs)

    7. In case Pexip is used also add the PexipFqdn 
      (info) More about Pexip is explained in the Prerequirements.

  4. Add the NetworkServiceAccount to the RTC Server Applications Group
  5. Run the SMH Service