The central hub for all RTC Launcher administrative efforts is the Web Panel (also called Admin View / Admin Panel in the following context). This UI is completely controlled from your browser and accessible with via the URL specified during RTC Launcher Admin Installation.

(lightbulb) The amount of accessible functions depends on your User Role. The screenshot below is an example: 

Admin Panel showing the Dashboard View with a Tenant Administrator logged in


A System Administrator can elevate any user by granting a User Role. Afterwards that user may provide credentials to log into the Admin Panel.

After a first time RTC Launcher Installation access the RTC Login as a System Administrator with a default username and password. 
(lightbulb) A default user / password is within the app.config file of your in your RTC Launcher Admin Installation installation folder.

Afterwards, access "System Settings" and enter the 'System Administrator AD Group'.
→ As a result of the AD Group specification the default system administrator username and password become invalid (removed from app.config) 
→ Any user from the specified Active Directory may log in.

Web Panel Login

This page contains the following elements:


When logging in as a Tenant/Site/Contact Administrator, fill in your local tenant name here.

As System Administrator, leave the field empty.


As Tenant/Site/Contact Administrator, enter the username in format: adm_<TenantName>
As System Administrator, enter the values in one of the following formats:

  • domain name\username;
  • username;
  • username@domain name.

A RTC Launcher specific password, as defined for your user by any RTC Launcher System Administrator.

(lightbulb) When using O365 you can use your known Azure login.

Login (with O365)
  • Login attempts to log in with RTC Launcher internal credentials.
  • You can also use on "Login with O365". This needs to be configured by your System Administrator as explained in the Prerequirements.
    → Upon click a popup for username / password will appear (according to
    → A O365 account can be in several tenants, so after login (redirect from O365) a selection of possible tenants may be shown.

Any successful login attempt will bring you to the Dashboard.


To log out, simply access the menu at the top right (cogwheel icon) and select "Logout".

(lightbulb) Note: RTC Launcher has a timeout setting that will automatically log you out after a period of inactivity.