Templates standardize the look of RTC Launcher. They consist of a HTML file, an optional CSS styling sheet and JSON Locales.

Role-based Template access

The User Roles determine which settings and aspects can be changed about templates. The following table compares various aspects of templates depending on role:




  • Templates created by System Administrator are available to all Tenants to select.
  • Callback Templates are always available to System Administrator
  • Default Templates are available for System Administrators. These templates cannot be deleted.
  • Each default template contains the default HTML file and JSON translation files.
  • Templates created by Tenant administrator and Site Administrators are available within specific Tenant.
  • Callback template visibility depends on global setting (when callbacks are enabled in System Settings.)
  • New templates can be derived from defaults if customization is needed.
  • If Translation files are not specified then the default language is used.
  • "Contact Templates", "Conversation Templates", "Customer Form Templates" pages are all available via Main Menu upon clicking corresponding menu item.
No access to template editing features

Types of Templates 

RTC Launcher defines different types of templates. The links below lead to their respective detail pages.

All defined templates can be assigned either on Group or Contact level via the Sites page respectively

Add Templates


Regardless of template type the procedure is identical: 

  1. Use the Web Panel Administration dashboard or side menu to access the type of template you want → A list of templates is be shown
  2. Click the button → An "Add Template" pop-up opens
  3. On the "Details" tab , fill the fields according to the table below. Then click "Next"
  4. On the "Files" tab  you can add html and css files (see description below). Click "Next" button when done.
  5. On the "Translations" tab, you can add translation files according to the table below.
  6. When done with editing, click "Save & Close" button.

Details Tab

"Details" tab of the "Add Template" pop-up

Field Name


Template Name

Template name. Field is required.


Description. Field is optional. MAX length is 250 characters.

Is Floating Template

Determines if hte template will be used for a floating or normal contact.

Files Tab

"Files" tab of the "Add Template" pop-up

"Choose file" button

Requires one HTML  and optionally one CSS file for styling.

To upload: 

  1. Click on "Choose file
  2. Select html or css file.

(warning) Files cannot be with the same name or exceed 300kb

(info) Files are explained on the type of template subpages for each template.

Translations Tab

"Translations" tab of the "Add Template" pop-up

"Choose file" button

Translation files are optional.

One json file per one language can be uploaded:

  1. Click on "Choose file"
  2. Choose a json file.
  3. Set the language using the combo-box.