Before you start

This chapter applies to: 

SYSTEM ADMIN - only when RTC Launcher is self-hosted. Otherwise, read on.

(tick) To use O365, System Settings Configuration must be done. Otherwise the O365 login will not be recognized or nor RTC Launcher usage permissions will be granted.

Functionality described below will be slightly different as you can manage multiple tenants. In most operation scenarios (Add, Edit, Delete) you will need to select a Tenant first before handling the respective users.

TENANT ADMIN - when using RTC Launcher in a SaaS contract.

(lightbulb) Make sure you have read  and understood the RTC Launcher User Roles concept before reading this chapter. Once your Tenants have been assigned you can log into the Web Panel Administration and assign further users.

Once logged in as administrator you can create further user accounts. Following the User Roles you can: 

  • Only grant permissions below your own role.
  • Define those users by their login-types: regular RTS User or O365 User
  • (warning) You may not create the same user twice. The system will warn you when a duplicate already exists in the system. 

Add User

To add a user, the system administrator should select a Tenant in the list and click  button in 'Tenant Users' section of the 'Tenant Details' panel.

  • Click 'Add User' button ;
  • Define User type;
  • Fill the required fields:

Field Name


Office 365 User

Check-box allows to add O365 users, depends on O365 System Settings


Available if 'Office 365 User' is checked.

(lightbulb) UPN address of O365 user in format:

User Name

User Name which will be used for the system sign in.


Combo-box with the available user roles: Tenant/Site/Contact Administrator. When the role is chosen the short description message for each role is displayed.

First Name

First name of the user.

Last Name

Last name of the user.


A 'Safe' password (that contains uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters) is generated automatically. It can be edited on creation.

Edit User

To edit a user, select it from the list and use the "Edit"  button next to the corresponding section of the user.

(info) Notice: the user type (regular or O365) can't be changed after creation.

Edit regular RTC user

Edit O365 User

Delete User

To delete a user, select him from the list and click "Delete"  button. → A confirmation pop-up appears.

Delete User confirmation pop-up

User with Tenant Administrator TENANT ADMIN role cannot be removed from the the system. Only an edit option is available.