Stratus distinguishes available workflow resources by tenant / organization unit. As a tenant admin you make these resources automatically available to all team admins under your respective tenant / organization unit. 

Noteworthy points

(lightbulb) As tenant admin you can see, edit and delete the full list of workflow resources, including those resources added by team administrators under your tenant.

(lightbulb) Team admins are restricted to see resources only under their respective tenant,  but can still fully edit or delete them. 

All resources are accessible in the workflow viewer when you assign workflows to a service. 

→ A comprehensive list of available workflows and their placeholders can be found on the Included Workflow Templates page.

To access the workflow resources, log into Stratus as tenant admin, open the sidebar and click on "WF Resources

Stratus WF Resources tab with some example resources shown

Instruction Video

Here's a short video on handling workflow resources:

Adding Resources

To add a resource, perform the following steps...

  1. Click on "Add Resource
    An "Add Resource" Tab is opened

  2. Specify an Organization Unit under which this resource will be made available. 
    (info) Note that all units under the respective tenant will also be able to access this resource.
  3. Add a name and upload a resource Audio File.
    (warning) Currently only WMA is supported with a max file size of 1MB
    → Once uploaded you can test and listen to the audio you have uploaded via the audio controls

  4. Optionally you can define: 

    1. A "Text to Speech" transcript of your announcement

    2. An "IM Text" that gets shown to the customer when using chat as means of contact
  5. When you are finished press "Save
    → The new resource is now added

Edit Resources

To edit any existing resource...

  1. Click on the Edit-Icon in the "Controls" column
    → The "Edit Resource" Dialogue will open
  2. Make adjustments as needed. 
    (warning) Note that changes saved to a resource entry will be immediately reflected in workflows where it is used. 

Delete Resources

To delete any existing resource...

  1. Click on the  Delete-Icon in the "Controls" column
    (warning) Note that this also deletes the resource for other users that have access to the same resource pool (other team admins or the tenant admin)
    → A delete confirmation dialogue appears (tick) (make sure your browser is not blocking pop-ups for Stratus)
  2. Confirm the dialogue 

Greyed-Out delete button

Stratus has a dependent resources deletion protection system in place. Resources that are used in assigned workflows (managed by tenant admin) cannot be deleted until you deselect them within the corresponding workflow.

(lightbulb) To see which workflows are using the resource, hover your mouse over the  Delete-Icon → A tooltip with the dependent entities will be shown

Dependent entities tooltip