3.4.03 Release  

Reporting Improvements

With this release we introduced a new BI-Template designed to import and evaluate the CSV file generated on the Reporting view of your Service Teams.

BI Report designed for CSV data import

How to use this feature

  1. Request the newest BI Template for Stratus Team V3.4 or later from your Luware / Business Intelligence representative.
  2. Head to the CSV Reporting Data Export page and read how to make the most of this new template.

Other Improvements

  • Added TaskID field to CSV exports and stored procedures. This ID acts as unique identifier and data point for:
    • Workflow Virtual Transfers
    • Agent Blind Transfers
    • Agent Consult Transfers
  • O365 Login Improvements for various Frontends to improve Azure performance.
  • Pushed the page for the Stratus Team API (updated for the version 3.4) online.