3.6.01 Release  

Features and Improvements

  • FEATURE Added DTMF support for Outbound "Call-As". A DTMF input to a service with IVR configured is now interpreted correctly.
  • IMPROVEMENT Team members who didn't accept a call don't get a "missed call" notification for "broadcast" type calls anymore
  • IMPROVEMENT Minor adjustments and updates to the Stratus Team API swagger documentation - no functional changes.
  • CHANGE Adjusted retry delay times for mail sending.


  • BUGFIX The "Call As" feature now works properly if the target has "sip:<PSTN>@<domain>;user=phone targets"
  • BUGFIX Conversation-As finishes correct without ghost task
  • BUGFIX Remote Presence view - Presence updates should now work correctly
  • BUGFIX E.164 validation: System allows to set up less than 10 digits in 'Tel URI' and 'Tel SIP URI' fields.
  • BUGFIX Name of original service is displayed in Stratus AA after the blind transfer when "Impersonate transferrer" is enabled

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