Stratus reporting is available to both team and tenant admins with views restricted to their respective tenant / organization unit(s). Team members have no access to reporting. → See Stratus User Roles.

(info) Filters, views and functionality are identical for all roles with access to reporting.  

UI Overview

The reporting UI consists of the following elements:

Team Selection / List / Search

For team selection, search and filtering. Clicking an entry will open the reporting view for that team (see table entries below)

  • Tenant admins can access all teams within their tenant.
  • Team admins can access teams they are assigned to / member of
Reporting View
Header Area

Lists the selected team name in the header. The right side offers data refresh and export capabilities.

  • Refresh cycles are set to 1h interval. Click on "Refresh Now" to immediately get new history call data from the Stratus server. 
  • A CSV Reporting Data Export for the last 4 months (last quarter plus running month).
Call Volume

Per-hour call volume (total count) of calls accepted and lost.  (info) You can hover your mouse over the curves to get additional info on the data points

  • The Download button provides you with a PDF, listing all lost calls (including team info, time offset, date and the missed call items).
  • The Filter allows you to narrow down the range according to the highlighted time period.


Provides you with an overview of:

  • Lost / Accepted calls and Instant Messages (IM)
  • Total calls and IMs
  • Inbound and outbound direct calls
  • Average (direct) call and IM duration
  • Total voicemails left

(info) You can hover your mouse over the entries to inspect the time interval used for statistics.

Service Time of Day Heatmap

Provides a visual overview of lost (red) to accepted (green) calls.

  • "Weeks" allows you to set the considered data range for the last 1, 2, 3, and 4 weeks respectively.
  • "Conversations" allows you to limit the heatmap to calls or instant messages respectively.