The Stratus App delivers different views per user role.

Sidebar UI Elements per role

Tenant Admin

Team Admin

Team Member



Manage your team availability within activated teams.

(info) Also see Your Team Choice

Activated teams:

Manage your teams (within tenant). Team Admins will only see their assigned teams. Also allows Tenant Admins to customize Services.

(info) Team "activation" is part of Installation and Setup. Only an activated teams are listed and can be configured.

Add / Remove users:

  • Only a tenant admin may Add and Remove Users within the tenant user pool and individually elevate them to team administrators when Customizing Services
  • Team Admins can remove users but not add them.


  • Tenant Administrators see reports of all activated teams. 
  • Team Administrators see only their team reports.

(info) Also see Role-Based Reporting

Workflow Resources:

  • Tenant Administratos manage the accessible workflow resources (audio files) for the corresponding Organization Unit (OU). 
  • Team Admins have access to this resources pool, but may opt to individualize Workflow resources with files accessible to only their teams.

Opening Hours:

Opening Hours calendars are globally managed under their respective Organization Unit (OU).