This section is for System Administrators and Developers of 3rd party products using Stratus Team functionality externally .

The API allows to manipulate multiple data entities simultaneously, allowing task automation and external UI interaction with Stratus Team.

If you are in need of additional support or further applications using the API don’t hesitate to contact us.

(info) Also look at our existing solutions which already make direct use of the API


In the following we provide a description about the data models and functions used within Stratus Team and in automated interaction with other applications.

The Luware API allows customers to quickly manage external system tasks in their own systems, request team info for display or manage individual users. The new Luware API component is divided into the following three parts to support three different usage areas:

  • Provisioning API: Configure and provision users and teams (services) in the system.
  • Task API: Create, update and manage call tasks .
  • Reporting API: Get system information and reporting data.

Authorization Configuration / API Key

(lightbulb) To allow access the API we generate unique API tokens from within WebConfigurator for you. Keys can be access-restricted to specific Service Teams (Organization Units) if needed.

API usage / API Endpoints

(tick) To get access to the Luware API URL, please get in contact with support. 

The following content is embedded from our Live-API documentation (Swagger UI). You can also open this window directly