When you are logged in as a team admin you can manage the presence of your team members and add or remove them from your team. 

To access the Team Members list, click on "Activated Teams" found on the left toolbar screen and click on "Team Members" tab.

Set Team Member Activity

To change a team member to an active state, use the toggle controls 

(info) The "Home" view of the corresponding team member will display the updated state. A browser refresh on their side will be necessary to see this change.

(lightbulb) The activity state in Stratus is set and applied by the user who saved it last (either the team admin or the affected team member)

Instruction Video

Here's a short instruction video on adding team members:

Add Team Members

To add team members...

  1. Head to "Activated Teams" > "Team Members" tab.
  2. Click on "+ Add"
    → The Add User Panel opens
  3. Search for the User to be added  (info) must be part of the users added by tenant admin
  4. Click "Save"
    → The user is added to the list.

Remove Team Members

As team admin you can remove team members from your team, which will also remove the team activity controls from their home screen. However, you cannot add the same user again, as the removal disassociates it from your organization unit and thus hides it from your "+ Add" user search results.

(lightbulb) To re-add a user once they were removed from a team, is only possible by tenant admins as they can see and access the full tenant user directory.

To remove members...

  1. Click on the  Remove-Icon
    A confirmation opens asking you to confirm (make sure your browser is not blocking or restricting your view)
  2. Click Confirm to confirm the deletion.