As tenant admin you define users first, then assign them as members to any of your "activated teams"
(lightbulb) Any team needs to be "active" and have members assigned to it in order to operate and be selectable for Stratus calls. Users may also opt to change their team presence.

Activated Teams - Team Members Tab


You can use the predictive search bar found within your selected team page to search for a specific user, you can search by user name or SIP address.

Add Team Member to Service

(tick) Precondition: To find a user to add as a team member, make sure that the user is part of your users list.

To add a team member... 

  1. Navigate to "Activated Teams
  2. Click the "Team Members" Tab
    → The list of already added team members is shown
  3. Click on "+Add"
    → "Add new user to the Team" panel is shown

  4. Type a user name, address, SIP or SAM into the field
    → Autocomplete suggests users according to your users list
  5. Select the user entry and click "Save"
    → The user is added to your list of Team Members

Remove User

To remove a user, simply click on the Delete-Icon

(warning) Team Admins will not be able to add the users again. Only the Tenant Administrator can add users to teams.

Set Activity Status and Team Administrator rights

You can individually set the activity status for any user and / or elevate him / her to act as team admin(info) This behavior is the same as when you configure a single user's details individually. State changes for all Stratus users (e.g. a team member and his team admin) are synchronized upon browser refresh. 

  1. Locate the user in the "Team Members" list 
  2. Change the states for "Active" and "Team Administrator" as required

    Per user "Active" and "Team Admin" state toggles
  3. "Save" your selection

Note that the "Active" state may change when a user is switching his Team Presence.