When logged in as tenant admin, access the sidebar and click on "Activated teams" → a list of teams will be shown - in this context also referred to as "Services" in the Stratus UI.

  • Clicking on any entry of existing services will open it's service details. The fields are explained in the chapter below.
  • A second tab will inform you about the available team members → refer to "Adding and Removing Users

Activated Teams - Customization with Tenant Admin rights

(question) Not seeing any teams? Service on-boarding is part of the Luware-assisted Installation and Setup process. Contact us (link on the introduction page) if you need any adjustments to your team.

Editing Service Details

Note that service details are locked (read-only) and may just be inspected by all Stratus user roles. They are created during Installation and Setup and protected against accidental change or manipulation. 

→ Also see Stratus User Roles

The Service Details tab shows the following properties:

UI ElementDescription
Team NameTeam Name, also displayed in other parts of the Stratus UI
TenantThe main tenant under which this team is under. This is determined during Installation and Setup 
TypeType of service (default "TeamServiceOnly")
Team Service
SIP AddressThe outwards facing address under which this Service is available.
Workflow Instance

The currently active workflow which has a direct impact on Your Team Choice

(info) Tenant admins can Assigning and Switching Workflows for teams under their tenant
(info)  Team admins can individualize workflows for their respective assigned teams


Assigned base language for the respective team.

Used as parameter for their workflows (e.g. when IVR need to be provided in a specific language)

Advanced Settings
Opening Hours

The currently active opening hours which have a direct impact on your team presence

(info) Tenant admins can manage global opening hours for teams under their tenant. Opening Hours calendars need to be assigned to a specific Organization Unit or their tenant to be selectable in this view. 

(info)  Team admins can individualize their team calendars for their respective assigned teams, but not change the active opening hours in this view.

Tenant ID

A globally unique identifier (GUID) that is different than your tenant name or domain.

Used by Microsoft as part of the Azure / O365 tenant properties.

Phone Settings
Telephone URI

Second SIP URI exclusively for telephone number format.

Additional numbers can be added separated via semicolon ";"

Voicemail Box Preconfigured VoiceMail Inbox. Internal Service, configured during Stratus setup. 
Voicemail To

Output address where the voicemail recordings should be mailed to. 

Additional addresses can be added separated via semicolon ";"

Voicemail CC

Output address where the voicemail recordings should be mailed to as carbon copy.

 Additional addresses can be added separated via semicolon ";"

Presence Mapping
  • Direct Selectable
  • No One Selectable
  • In Time Selectable

Allows you to determine how Your Team Choice is displayed facing outwards. This is also heavily determined by assigning pre-defined workflows
(info) Outside opening hours the service will appear as offline. 

  • Direct Selectable = When your service is immediately reachable with active and available members (default: Online)
  • No One Selectable = All agents either set inactive or away in Teams
    (default = Away)
  • In Time Selectable = All agents are in a call. The system will handle the call as specified in the workflow (e.g. RONA timeout).
    (default = Busy)
Forward Settings
Service FWD Target 1, 2, 3

Allows you to forward the call to further internal services, e.g. for TTS handling, voice recording. 
(info) If the forward target is a voicemail service, check the corresponding option