3.5.02 Release  

  • IMPROVEMENT Implemented MS Graph presence polling to Configuration of user presence. 
    (warning) Note that Microsoft is planning to bill user presence-checks in future. To counteract this, presence updates (e.g. deletion of a user) are collected in a 1-minute-interval, to avoid too many subscription changes.

Other Changes

  • IMPROVEMENT Smaller tweaks and bugfixes on internal components to improve performance.
  • IMPROVEMENT Stratus Team API - Uploaded up-to-date Swagger file (mostly cleanup of descriptions).

3.5.01 Release   

  • FEATURE API - New Method GET "Conversation As" Services added to the Stratus Team API. Allows to get the conversation as (outbound) services per user.
  • CHANGE Topology - Improved Presence Query Account Settings. Since there are multiple ways to query user presence the topology settings have been updated with a new "Presence" section.
  • FEATURE Configurable "Dialout to Team Member via PSTN". The Team Administration now contains an option to enable "Dialout to the Agents LineUri (PSTN)" instead of a SIP address. 

3.4.03 Release  

  • FEATURE Introduced a new BI-Template designed to import and evaluate the CSV file generated on the Reporting view of your Service Teams.