Have you ever been using Microsoft Teams within your organization and wondered:

"Why not combine Teams Chat and VoIP capabilities with our external customer services?"

Stratus Team by Luware adds the missing pieces to your cloud-based collaboration and communication platform, by covering IT help desk, branch offices, suppliers and customer inquiries. We make sure that your customers always reach the right employee in your service team. Stratus is completely cloud-based, so you can easily scale your team sizes to fit your needs without any additional hardware or installation. No complicated server architecture or maintenance constantly involving your IT department: the Stratus set-up process is designed to keep the administrative efforts to a minimum, allowing you to manage the relevant configuration on your own. 

Don't like to shift focus away from your communication app? Stratus can also be installed as a standalone App, keeping all your service management and reporting tasks right within Teams itself. Outside of that it's daily business - just use Teams as you are used to and let Stratus handle the call distribution. As Stratus tenant administrator you can individualize your services or assign new team managers to distribute the workload with just a few clicks. 

(info) Visit the Stratus Role Based Access Model page to learn how to effectively organize your team structures. 

Design Limitation on Microsoft Teams Web Client

The Teams Web Client currently has a known limitation that sends a lot of incorrect status updates especially when refreshing the page in your browser. This has a noticeable impact on how Stratus Team handles Agent presence, availability and reporting features.  

Causes and Workarounds

Microsoft treats web-based Teams Clients presence status changes differently and with seemingly lower priority. The effects include:

  • User sporadically appearing as offline.
  • Spontaneous switch to an erratic presence status which is apparent in logfiles.
  • Multiple status updates within only a few seconds, which increases when user is refreshing the Teams chat window within the browser.

Until this is resolved by Microsoft we strongly advise to exclusively use a locally installed Teams Client App for all productive users of your organization.

Feature Overview

In a Nutshell

(tick) Direct and team calls in MS Teams

(warning) Balance the organization workload

(lightbulb) Receive detailed reporting

(thumbs up) Pay as you use

(blue star) Continuous feature updates

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