With Stratus you can quickly build up multiple teams as part of your service desk environment. During installation and setup we will firstly ask for your team size and expected total user count. After our initial setup of your main tenant, user directory and the underlying organizational units (service teams) you will be ready to manage users and memberships. As tenant administrator you can quickly add users to the roster, then enable them to act as team members or team admins for one or several teams simultaneously.

After your team structures are set up, there are only a few steps required to customize the services to your needs, e.g. by assigning workflows for dynamic rerouting of calls, and by managing opening hours calendars you can reflect regional differences in-between your teams or quickly react to a new call situation. 

Putting the TEAM in Microsoft Teams

Of course you don't need to do everything by yourself. Team admins in Stratus can handle most of the configuration and teambuilding steps themselves. Simply provide the workflow resources on the highest (tenant) level for admins to access and expand upon. Leave the team administration and individualization of workflows and opening hours to the people that know their daily business. All your team admins can make use of Stratus powerful and lean reporting features, allowing you to focus on what really matters - your company.

And the best of all? Stratus doesn't interfere with your daily business in Microsoft Teams. Calls are directly routed to your team members, including missed-call notifications with further details about the service being called. While doing so, Stratus operates completely autonomous in the background, keeping all organizational structures completely away from your existing structures in Teams. The Stratus UI is designed in such a way that only the relevant info is shown depending on the user's individual role.

(lightbulb) Simply put: Beyond an initial installation you can continue with daily Teams business while Stratus automatically handles all incoming service calls.