Stratus defines and assigns the following user roles to execute daily actions:

RoleTasks and rights within StratusManaged by

Tenant Admin

For a full list of functions refer to Tenant Administration

Luware - during first Stratus Setup and installation process. 

(lightbulb) Luware system engineers create the main tenant representing your organization. We keep control over Stratus system admin privileges to ensure that both team and tenant admins cannot accidentally change vital service settings. → See "Permissions Matrix" below.

(info) During Stratus first time setup Luware tests your service configuration as well as call forwarding functionality to your service team. After successful connection checks your teams become "activated" and can be managed by tenant admins.

Team Admin

  • Within their given team(s) the team admin manages assigned team members, enabling or disabling them for their team presence or removing them from the team.
    (warning)  Removal of team members requires a Tenant Admin to re-assign them.

For a full list of functions refer to Team Administration

Tenant Admin - usually the person that requested and installed the Stratus service for the first time. 

(info) You can have as many team administrators as you'd like, even multiple within the same team. However keep in mind that all team admins within the same team manage the same set of workflows, service settings, members and resources. → Read the "Permissions Matrix" chapter below for further details

Team Members

Acting as "Agents" or team members, they use Microsoft Teams in a normal daily environment.

  • In the (optional) Stratus App or via team members may configure their personal settings.
  • If allowed by their team configuration, they may choose their team presence status to appear as selectable for one or multiple service teams at the same time. 

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Important Distinction: Stratus Team Admins are not "Team Managers" in MS Teams

It is easy to mix up the term "Team Admin" and "Team Manager" in the related context above. The term "Manage Team" is used within the Microsoft Teams Client when managing channels. As this can be misleading, we want to clarify:

  • Stratus user management and related user roles do not interfere or communicate with any of your existing "Microsoft Teams" channels and permissions.
  • Any naming intersections between your Microsoft Teams' channels and Stratus Service Team names may be pure coincidence and have no effect on each other.

(tick) Think of Stratus as an extension UI to Teams, which allows you to extend Teams with call routing and service functionality. Your daily chatroom business within MS Teams remains unaffected (smile)

App Permissions Matrix

Within the Stratus App you will see different levels of functionality based on your Stratus user role - as mentioned in the table above.

(info) Want to see which roles have access to specific App Menu elements? Check out the chapter on Role-Based UI Access.


Tabs ►Team Details / NameTeam ServiceAdvanced SettingsPhone SettingsPresence MappingForward SettingsTeam Members---

Tenant Admin

Read only

Change workflow instance

Managing Opening HoursRead onlyDefine outward facing service status based on on team presenceEnter forward addresses to further internal services, e.g. for TTS handling, voice recording. Overall Team Management, Elevate Team AdminsRole-Based Reporting - See all ServicesManage Workflow Resources for all servicesManage Opening Hours Calendars

Team Admin

Read onlyChange workflow placeholdersRead onlyRead onlyRead onlyManage their Team Members Role-Based Reporting - See assigned ServicesManage subset of Workflow Resources and add own team resources.Configuring Team Opening Hours

Team Members

Receive calls and IM.

(info) After Login Team Members only have access to personal settings (UI language). They may use the Home Tab / App for Team Presence selection

Good to know

  • The Home Tab is always visible to Stratus users. They can log in to  to check their team presence. The full app functionality is also available via
  • Certain "Service Details" are grayed-out even for Tenant Admins. Organization-specific settings with direct impact to all tenants are read-only or not visible at all. These settings are configured by Luware engineers during Installation and Setup. If you need to adapt your main service configuration, please get in contact with Luware Support.