After your organization onboarding and setup is complete, the Personal Stratus App can be used for login. When clicking the Stratus App icon in the the left app bar a login screen is shown:

(lightbulb) Alternatively you can perform these steps in your browser via

Stratus App: Login Screen


  1. Enter your credentials (usually your company Email address) and password. 
    (info) Your administrator needs to have this set up for you as part of the Installation and Setup process.
  2. Depending if you're setup as local AD tenant or with Azure, the login method varies slightly
    → If your account is locally managed (e.g. a on-premise Active Directory account), use the Login button

    → If your account name (mail address) is recognized as Azure / O365 account, the Login form changes and show's a "Sign in With Microsoft
  3. After the logon process the "Home" Screen of Stratus is shown.

    From here on out the Stratus UI will look different based on your role
    1. As a team member you can set Your Team Choice (if your team administrator enabled you to do so)
    2. As a team admin you have access to your assigned teams, see statistics and manage resources of your assigned teams
    3. As a tenant administrator you can manage users, assign them to activated teams, manage global resources and working hours.

In a Nutshell

  • After Sign-In you might want to learn more about the Stratus UI and its functionality
  • You can access your personal settings (e.g. preferred language) on the top right at any time 
  • Stratus may also be opened and operated in a browser window, completely outside of Microsoft Teams. The login process and UI will be the same as in the Stratus Teams app. Simply visit: - you can switch between the App and Browser method at any time.
  • You might want to read about the Stratus User Roles to get an understanding of all possible actions per role.