A regular expression is a special text string for describing a search pattern or for input validation.  In LUCS you can access and define "Regexes" to find and replace specific strings. The purpose for this is to find specific patterns in SIP URIs, Caller or Agent telephone numbers and parse the information into a format that is more suitable for a CRM or Ticketing system.

(info) Regex Sets get applied when configuring the Startup Applications for your daily work with Agent Assistant

(tick) You need to organize regular expressions in → Regex Sets to control the order of their usage (e.g. on complex multi-string operations)

You can access 'Startup Application' page is accessible via Settings -> Agents -> Regexes. 

You can add new regex by clicking '+ Add' button. Edit existing entries by by selecting them from the list

WebConfigurator - Regexes with an example opened

The Regex panel has the following settings:

Control Name



Name of the Regex


Regex description

Match Pattern

Expression for checking a value against a pattern

(lightbulb) We highly recommend to test these regular expressions in a text-editor first.

Replacement Pattern

A regular expression pattern to define all or part of the text that is to replace matched text in the input string

Delete Regex

To delete the existing regex, select it in the list and click 'Delete' button. 

Deletion of Regexes which are already used in Regex Sets is not possible. The Delete button will be inactive, showing dependent items via tooltip on mouseover. You need to edit the Regex Sets first, removing the single Regex elements you want to delete.