A Regex Set combines the regexes, also determining their order of application. A regex set will be used within Agents> Startup Applications (configuration for Agent Assistant) and triggered whenever the conditions apply.

WebConfigurator - Regex Setting for Startup Application

The 'Regex Sets' page is accessible via Settings -> Agents -> Regex Sets.

On clicking any existing regex set in the list, you can access its details:

WebConfigurator - Regex Sets

A Regex Set has the following settings:

Control Name



Name of the Regex

Organization Unit

The Organization Units this set will be available to.

(warning) Choose carefully which regular expressions are global-tenant available. Their contents and effects may not be directly visible to other tenant admins. 


Regex description as shown in other configuration panels.


Select the order to define how the regex is applied

(info) Regexes using the same same order ID will be applied as ordered in the list.


The list of regexes configured in system

Delete Regex Set

To delete the existing regex set, select it in the list and click 'Delete' button.

Deletion of a set will not be possible if the set has already been used in a Startup Application setting. Mouse over the "Delete" button to get a tooltip with the dependency.