For each previously added agent, two 'Roles' tabs are available to define and grant permissions and access per defined service.

All roles shown here are not to be mixed up with Agent traits or responsibilities. Permissions granted on this page have no part in task distribution.

(question) What about the Admin / Agent / Supervisor Role names? Our terms for roles like "Agent" or "Supervisor" are just identifiers for the permission tables. Also see the permissions matrix of Role Based Access - RBAC page.

(lightbulb) The screenshot below shows an example selection of organization units (rows in the permission table) and how they can be used to inherit roles (columns in the permission table).

(lightbulb) You may freely grant or revoke these rights as you see fit.

Assigning role permissions for an Agent

Assigning roles

  1. Within either the Administration or Agent / Supervisor Tabs. Organization Units (OU) row, select the permissions column you want to grant
    1. Note that clicking a parent OU the child automatically inherit the role
  2. Ensure to press "Save and Apply" to make changes take effect.
  3. Repeat these steps for the "Administration" and "Agent / Supervisor" tabs as needed. 

Good to know

  • Users which are part of "System Administrator" group  may overrule / ignore the roles given in this matrix, even if their user is defined in the list of Agents. The "System" level of permissions is exclusively reserved to Luware support employees. More info on that on the Role Based Access - RBAC page.
  • "Data Privacy"  Administrator permissions can permanently delete valuable reporting and call data. For that reason they are also reserved to Luware support. Get in contact with our Support if you need to cover data privacy needs.