"Agent Traits" in combination with Duty Profiles provide a way to manage agents responsibilities in a contact center. Traits and Responsibilities are defined in a separate pool that all your users draw from. They will be considered during the contact center tasks (calls, chats, emails) and their distribution between available agents.

The Traits Tab contains

  • Profile. The profile defines agent responsibility according to Distribution Policy algorithm. The "Total Profiles" counter shows the number of profiles which are applied for an agent. Navigation arrows helps to list the profiles if there are more than three.
  • Traits. Each trait has Attributes and Responsibilities. Attribute (skill level) is determined for the trait, e.g. Junior, Senior, and Expert. Responsibilities are determined for each Profile of a specific Trait.

Agent Traits Tab

Assigning Traits and Duty Profiles

You can configure the following actions are available on Agent Traits tab:

  • Assign traits. Select necessary level in the intersection cell of the needed trait and profile. The choice will be marked with blue circle. Select "-" (dash) in the intersection cell of the needed trait and profile to remove the responsibility.
    (lightbulb)  Note that for "OffDuty" profile traits can not be set.
  • Display inactive traits to show undefined "dash" skills on parent and child levels.
  • Add Profile. To add the profile for an Agent, click the "Add"button

    In the combo box choose the profile and click "Apply" to add the profile.
  • Switch default profile. The default profile is marked as green, others are gray . To change the default profile click on the gray one to make it the new default. 

     At least 1 profile must be selected and set to default. 
  • Delete Profile. Next to each profile, there is a remove button . The confirmation pop-up will be displayed for a user. Click "Delete Profile" to confirm deletion or "Cancel" to close the pop-up.
    The last profile can not be removed and does not have a "Remove" button.

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