Stratus Agent allows the redirection of incoming customer calls to an alternate destination (different phone numbers, different services, conversation recording machines) in case of emergency.

The ‘Emergency Case’ page is accessible on Settings -> Service section -> Emergency case

Emergency Case

Emergency Case contains the following settings:



Unique name for the emergency case.

Organization Unit

Select Organization Unit to which the Emergency Case will be assigned and accessible to.


Short information about the emergency case.

Enable Emergency Routing

Option is used by ‘Check Emergency Case Status’ activity in Workflow Instance.

  • Set to ‘true’ to make the ‘Check Emergency Case Status’ workflow activity take the ‘Activated’ exit.
  • Set to ‘false’ to make the ‘Check Emergency Case Status’ workflow activity take the ‘Deactivated’ exit.


Add Resource

Add a resource for the emergency case using the ‘Add Resource’ section by selecting the ‘Language’ and ‘Resource’ and clicking the ‘+Add’ button.

(tick)Preconditions: To be available in the drop-down, the workflow resources should be added to the system in WebConfigurator -> Settings -> Workflow section -> Resources page.

(lightbulb) Good to know: Emergency Case resources are like any other resource, but need to be available within the same Organization unit to be accessible to the services and their workflows.

Defining resources for emergency cases


The resources files are played for the customer by the system during the emergency case activation.

The resources are culture dependent entities and are shown in the format:

Language (Country)         FileName

At each resource a ‘Remove’ button is present. Click it to remove the resource from the selection for this emergency case.

Apply Emergency Cases

To configure the emergency case feature, a special emergency case preset (described on this page) and a workflow instance have to be configured, then assigned within the service > workflow tab configuration.

Enabling Emergency Cases for a Service

Set Emergency Cases in the Frontend

A supervisor can trigger an Emergency Casefrom the Frontend.

Delete Emergency Case

If any service is using the emergency case, the ‘Delete’ button is disabled. Before deleting such emergency case on the ‘Emergency Case’ page, remove them from the services.

(lightbulb) Mouse over the Delete button to see which objects are using the emergency case.