This page is about Stratus Agent Frontend / Backend User authentication and login.

(question) Looking for API Keys for Access Authentication? → head to Stratus Agent API

In order to authenticate users with Stratus Agent you need an Azure / O365 Account for all users / agents that intend to use the product. Also refer Installation and Upgrades and Technical Prerequisites.

Follow-Up actions

Once initial authentication is done, we recommend the following steps: 

  1. Add new users (as Agents), as described in the Adding new Agents section.
  2. Authorize users to access Configuration backend or use the Web FrontEnd as Agents and Supervisors. This is described on the Role Based Access - RBAC page. 
    (lightbulb) RBAC permissions are given to individual agents when editing their individual Agent Roles.

→ If your setup was done correctly, new users should now be able to authenticate with their credentials and log into Stratus Agent