Getting Started

(warning) The following process should be done by a technical / tenant administrator in your company. Stratus Agent is configured and hosted by Luware and adapted to your (technical) needs and specs. To get your personal instance up and running, please perform the following steps:

  1. Get in contact with our sales division via the solutions contact details on our website. We will start by discussing your needs and showcase demo features to you if needed.
  2. To get started with the setup we need your O365 tenant ID. (info) Also see Technical Prerequisites for further details.
  3. Then we configure the SBC and SIP-Trunk
  4. Afterwards we add the users to Stratus Agent and configure workflows according to your preferences
  5. Lastly we assign a phone number to the service (go live!)

(question) Common technical- and specific Luware terms are explained in our Glossary as well as the Architecture page.


To keep the user interface and configuration efforts as minimal to you as possible we perform most upgrades of Stratus Agent in the background. Minor changes and hotfixes will happen with minimal to now downtime. For everything major we will get in contact with you. 

(question) Haven't used Stratus Agent for a while?  Make sure to visit our News section regularly for the newest change notes and updates. 

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