After Call Work is the time after a call to take notes, update information in a CRM system or in general conclude a call task.

(lightbulb) This time is set depending on the individual service configuration, and can be manually extended by an agent to a defined maximum or indefinitely if no limit is set.

(lightbulb) During this time you are not selectable for all other incoming service tasks.

If configured for a service - and when end a call,  the “After Call Work” balloon appears, showing: 

  • The Caller and Service in context for which this ACW entry is done
  • The overall duration of the call / task
  • The After Call Work Time allotted to you to finish the ACW

After Call Work Dialogue

After Call Work Options

Depending on the configuration the following buttons are available on “After Call Work” balloon:

  • "Finish": Allows terminating  the “After Call Work” before the timer ends. 
  • "Extend": Allows to extend the “After Call Work” until you stop it by pressing the "Finish" button or the configured maximum “After Call Work Time” is reached. 
  • "Break": (If configured) you may set a break manually when the “After Call Work” (ACW) time has expired. In this case you become not selectable for service tasks.

(info) If buttons described above are not visible they have not been configured for your Agent Assistant Profile.

(info) After clicking the “Break” button you will need to select a Not Ready Reason in the “NRR” pop-up.