A call rings until you as an Agent either "Accept" the task and answer the call within a preconfigured time span called "RONA" (Return on No Answer). Similarly, in case of a an incoming chat request the Agent Assistant also provides controls to "Accept" the task as there is no "ring" in the literal sense.

(lightbulb) When not answering a task, an Agent gets a RONA status and the call will be routed to the next available Agent according to the Distribution Policy configuration for the Service.

(lightbulb) As an Agent you can only receive further incoming calls / tasks after the RONA status is reset (by either you or your supervisor).

Direct Call

Direct calls are handled the same way as you are used to in your messenger. It does not matter if you are logged-in as an Agent or not.

(lightbulb) On direct calls, Agent Assistant is not supposed to intervene in your daily business.

Service Call

Service calls show a dedicated "Toast" with additional information on the caller: 

  • The Caller (Customer) Name 
  • The Service that has been called
  • The time the caller has waited so far
  • Amount of calls from that caller during the time span shown below

Incoming Service Call Toast

Service Chat

You can also interact with Chat-based Tasks within Agent Assistant. To overcome the "Auto accept" issue of incoming chat tasks and "Accept / Decline / Terminate" chat function has been added. 

(info) Automated Messages (Common Service Settings) will be sent to the Customer and Agent before and after this interaction.

  1. A Chat Task is only assigned to an Agent if the task is accepted AA pop-up. 

    When Declined → RONA State is set for the Agent. The same applies when not accepting within the configured RONA time for the Service.
  2. When Accepted any messages from the customer are bridged over to the Agent. → A Bridge Messages is displayed to the customer.
  3. To End the Chat Task, click "End Task". This ends the conversation as well.

    → A final message is sent to to the Agent and Customer. 

Callback Tasks

Callback requests are placed in the same queue as service calls and will therefore be distributed in the same way as incoming calls on the same service. If a callback request was scheduled the system will first try to find an agent. 

You will see a pop-up to either Decline or Accept the callback request.

Callback request

Once accepted a call will be initiated to the customer. D dialogue with the following info is shown: 

  • The PSTN number of the customer / target
  • The service used to make the outgoing call
  • The ring-time 
  • A task description which can be provided by a supervisor.

Solved Callback Tasks

After the call is completed the Callback Task can be confirmed as solved via button press: 

Mark callback as solved

(lightbulb) This will remove the task as complete for Stratus Agent  An incomplete task may re-trigger the callback task that can be taken over by you or another agent.

MS Teams Mitigations

The following fixes have been made to Agent Assistant to cover for the following Teams-related issues:

  • Agent sees no MS-Teams Toast but Agent Assist call information - Add button to "Incoming Service Call Toast" of Stratus.AA called "Initiate redial (No toast shown)" which initiates a retry of the call delivery to the agent without pushing the agent into RONA or something similar
  • Agent presses hangup in Teams but doesn't see After Call Work dialogue in AA nor gets back to "Selectable" status - Add button to the "Incoming Service Call Toast" of Stratus.AA called "Hangup" which initiates a cleanup of everything related to the task/converation in ICH/AM and therefore frees up the agent completely.

When an Agent has these issues, enable the "Show Call Control Buttons" feature in the AA configuration.

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