• This feature needs to be configured server-side. Get in touch with us if you want to enable this.
  • This option is only seen if you have correct traits/responsibilities for the respective service assigned. This is usually done by a supervisor.

"Call as" Functionality

If configured you may have the option to make a call as a service. When selected your outbound calls will look like they come from the service directly (using the Contact Center's SIP Address or Tel Number) instead of your own contact information.

(info)  This setting lasts until you reset it manually or restart the Agent Assistant or Lync/SfB Client. If you wish to keep the "Call as" service selection even after restart of the Agent Assistant or Lync/SfB Client you can select the "Save last Service Selection" option in the Agent Assistant Settings.

Using the Call As feature

During an impersonated Call

While the "Call as" impersonated call is in progress you may get additional status information, such as the service you are "calling as" and the current ringing status.