Checklist for getting service calls forwarded

  • During opening hours
    • Exception: customer calls during Opening Hours and remains in queue
  • You must be signed in to your messenger
  • You must have selected a profile (see below)
  • You must have the necessary skills/traits and responsibilities defined for yourself ((lightbulb) this is done by an Administrator or Supervisor)
  • You must have a headset (or an IP-phone) connected

(lightbulb) When the application is running and connected to the server a blue symbol with a green/yellow (depending on the active profile) dot is displayed in the taskbar.

Startup and Profile Selection

Agent Assistant uses the backend Agent Assistant Configuration from the backend to retrieve its parameters. By default, the profile 'Off Duty'  is set after login.

(lightbulb) Duty Profiles are customizable - other profiles could be configured as default profile by your Administrator.

Duty profile selection

Subscribe to Profile

The You must actively log on to the corresponding profile via the Agent Assistant (right click on the AA icon).

  1. Right click on AA
  2. Select one of the available (non-off) duty profiles.
    → Agent Assistant Profile (on the taskbar icon) will change the status from yellow to green.
    → Agent starts receiving service calls.

Unsubscribe from Duty

  1. Right click on AA
  2. Choose any "Off Duty" type profile
    → Agent Assistant Profile (on the taskbar icon) will change the status from green to yellow.
    → You will no longer receive Service calls or tasks.
    → Agent are still able to receive direct calls in either internal or external.

Agent Status

You will will receive service calls when:


Busy (if configured as a selectable status for your agent, this is the default)

You won't receive service calls when:

Busy (if configured as a not selectable status for your agent)

In a call

Do not disturb

Absent / RONA

Presence Status of your Service

The outwards facing status of your service (or the services if you are assigned to multiple) depends on the following criteria:

Available → Min. 1 person is immediately available for this service

Busy        Min. 1 person is logged in for this service, but not immediately available (e.g. busy on telephone)

Absent    → No person is logged in for this service but still within defined Opening Hours.

Agent Assistant Status

Agent Assistant also shows the profile and connection status via color and icons:

Off Duty


Not connected to Stratus Agent