The Dashboard reporting feature will automatically display an embedded BI-Report with the latest service and agent metrics.


To use this feature the following prerequisites must be met:

  1. The user that grants access to BI Reports via the Dashboard must have a Power BI Pro account.
  2. For Azure Reporting Data access all future reporting users must be considered (e.g. as an Azure AD group). 
  3. The owner of the BI Report must upload the BI report into the Azure Cloud and generate a shared BI Report URL.
    (tick) A shared BI Report access URL is generated as result of this process. This URL is required to be used in Stratus Agent Configuration > Reporting section.
  4. Within Stratus Agent Role Based Access > Supervisor > Reporting > Customer / Agent / Service rights need to be granted for access to Reporting. 
    (warning) These users must match with the AD Group specified in Step 2. BI Reports will apply Row Level Security based on these user's roles.
  5. We need to configure a few details on Stratus Agent based on your hosted BI environments.
  6. Afterwards your reporting user(s) should see the extra tab in the Dashboard.

(info) Note that this is a very tl;dr type of checklist. For a full walkthrough on this process - including a discussion on your Reporting needs - get in contact with Support:
Support Hotline CH+41 58 404 2807
Support Hotline DE+49 711 8998 9621
Support Hotline UK+44 20 3300 2751
Cloud Service Status

The Power BI Report will look as follows, depending on the connected data source: 

Power BI Report

The functionality of the Report is explained on Reporting Evaluation Templates.