The 'Logging Console' is visible to Administrators in order to check for infrastructure or potential data handling issues in between other (uncritical) logged events.

Compared to logs stored by the individual components (each with individual paths specified during install) this view is very simplified, but provide a quick indication on which call data storage and manipulation operations could've caused issues.

Logging Console Details

When opened, the the logging console will show current (ongoing) events in an example as the one shown below:

Logging Console Pop-Up

The following elements and controls are available:

Element NameDescription

Scroll Automatically

Enables or disables automatic scrolling

Start / Stop

Starts and stops real-time logging process


Clears logging info 

(lightbulb) Does not delete physical log files, just clears the view.



Shows the date and time when specific event was generated.


Shows the internal name of changed object.

  • AgentStateDto;
  • DistributionGroupDto;
  • SessionDto.

(DTO = data transfer object)


Shows the type of change that was done for corresponding object.

  • Added;
  • Removed;
  • Changed.


Provides details of corresponding data object operation (see above).


Filter pop-up (one per column)

‘Show items…’

Show items with value that:’ label is displayed.

Filtering values

List of constraints for data filtering:

  • Is Equal To (default);
  • Is Not Equal To;
  • Starts With;
  • Contains;
  • Does Not Contain;
  • Ends With.

Filtering data

Value to be filtered


Applies the filter to the displayed data.


Clear filter