The "Info" menu entry on the sidebar informs Agents about their connection details and provides detailed 'Version' infos on the current version of Stratus Agent Frontend installed (useful for identifying errors).

Support details can also be made available by local Administrators to provide Agents with direct means of contact in case of a system error.

Administrators and Supervisors will additionally be able to check on licence details and determine agent licence usage over the course of the last month.

Information Tabs

Upon clicking the information menu (located in the settings within the app sidebar) the information pop-up is shown, containing several tabs:

  • User (opened by default);
  • Connection
  • Support
  • License
  • Agent Usage Overview
  • About

(info) The amount of tabs shown depends on the logged-in user role. Details on each tab (and it's availability) will be explained below.

User Tab


Information Pop-Up - User Tab

The ‘User’ tab shows the information the currently logged-in user and contains the following controls:

Control Name


User Name

SIP-URI of currently logged in user.

First Name

User first name.

Last Name

User last (family) name.


Organization Unit name, which the currently logged in user belongs to.


List of Duty Profiles assigned to that user.

Connection Tab


Information Pop-Up - Connection Tab

The ‘Connection’ tab shows the information the currently logged-in user and contains the following controls:

Control Name



fully qualified domain name (FQDN). Server name under which the Frontend is running. 


Network connection port


Protocol used for communication

Connection Duration

Time since login (session time).

Support Tab

(tick) Precondition: Requires support-details to be configured, (info) see Frontend Customization and Settings.


Information Pop-Up - Support Tab

Shows contact details for users seeking support in case of server or call-handling problems.

(info) This field can be used to contain any kind of contact information and is not tied to a directory-user.

Licence Tab


Information Pop-Up - Licence Tab

Provides licence details for the Stratus Agent instance including the allowed components / endpoints, support level and duration.

(info) The same information can be retrieved via the Webconfiguration > Licence Panel

Agent Usage Overview Tab


Information Pop-Up - Agent Usage Tab

The ‘Agent Usage Overview’ page shows amount of concurrent users at the selected date and if the amount exceeded the license limitation (red line).

About Tab


Information Pop-Up - About Tab

Provides version info about the frontend component as well as current compatibility. 

(lightbulb) The info displayed may change regularly as we test new browsers and update the system in the backend. 

(info) Please note: This version does not reflect the overall installed Stratus Agent version, but just the Frontend Component. For a full overview of all installed Stratus Agent components and their versions, check the Configuration Backend "Home" view visible to administrators after login.