The 'Agent States' widget shows IM presence states of Agents to supervisors in order to provide the information of the contact center state.

Agent States Widget

The widget has the following controls:

Control Name



Agent IM picture.

  • The picture can be hidden via widget properties > "Small view" option
  • A blue border signals that the agent is under Supervision

IM Presence State icons

States / Set State

Shows the IM state of that Agent. The following relations of the color and IM States exist:

  • Gray – user is Offline, IdleOnline, IdleBusy, Inactive, None. Also used for Agents belonging to another Organization than the your user account logged into Stratus Agent Frontend.
  • Green – Online;
  • Yellow – Away, Be Right Back, Appear Away, Off Work, RONA state. → Also see RONA State
  • Red – Busy;
  • Red with white dash – Do not Disturb.

    (info) Agent Presence State can be changed by supervisors → See Agent Presence State Management

First Name

The first Name of the corresponding Agent.

Last Name

The last Name of the corresponding Agent.


Organization Unit Name, which the corresponding Agent belongs to.


Responsibility / Duty Profiles of the corresponding Agent.

(info) The profile can be changed by supervisors → See Agent Profile Management

Stratus Agent State

Shows can the Agent be selected for a task or not. Shows state

  • Selectable
  • Not Selectable

(info)  An Agent is NotSelectable in case if any one of the following conditions are met: 

  • The Agent Profile ='OffDuty'
  • The Agent IM State is not 'Online'
  • The Agent is in a call


Shows which modalities the agent is able to use:

  • IM
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Conversation Context

(tick) Upon clicking the icons, the system opens IM conversation window of the corresponding Agent, allowing you direct interaction.

Away Reason

Shows the Agent away reason. 

(info) A default and additional admin-defined reasons are pulled from WebConfigurator (Agents->Reason Types).
(info) Each Service (Organization unit) can have individual reason types specified.

Not Ready Reason

Shows the reason why the Agent is not selectable at the moment. The following values can be displayed:

  • 'Off Duty Profile': When the Agent profile is set accordingly.
  • 'ACW': The Agent is busy with handling CRM, Tickets or other details after a call
  • 'RONA': The Agent didn't respond to a call besides being "selectable" and "online"
  • 'In a direct conversation': Agent is actively in a direct (inbound) call 
  • 'In a service task': Agent is handling a service call / task / mail
  • 'IM State': Agent is not selectable at the moment because of his IM state
  • 'In an Outbound task': The Agent works on an outbound call.

Not Selectable Reason

Current Agent action that is blocking the corresponding agent from getting service calls

Last Change

Time duration since the changes (in state, reason, etc.) happened to the Agent.