Any Supervisor may create a new callback tasks for lost calls within the "Lost Tasks" widget. 

(tick) Precondition: This action is started from within a lost task

Initiate CallBack Task

To initiate a callback task, perform the following steps: 

  1. Select a service in the "Lost Tasks" widget

  2. Click  to expand a list of lost calls.
  3. Click the initiate callback task button   in the "Action" column 

    When the "Initiate Callback Task" button is clicked, the "Initiate Callback Task" pop-up appears:

    ‘Initiate CallBack Task’ pop-up

    The "Initiate CallBack Task" pop-up contains the following controls:

    Control Name



    Service on behalf of which a callback gets created.

    Dropdown shows:

    • Services that are active for outbound tasks → Call Distribution Policy
    • Services with an active trait selection that allow to execute callback tasks
    • Services where the Supervisor has the rights to manage callback tasks


    Customer"s valid SIP address or a valid phone number.

    Due Date

    Either / Or:

    • Immediately:  callback starts immediately
    • Date, time to schedule the callback.

    Maximum Retries

    Sets how many times a failed dialout is repeated until the task is cancelled.

    Timegap between Retries

    Sets the time delay to dialout again after a failed attempt.


    Sets the priority of the task.


    A comment which will be displayed to the agent who accepts the Dialout.

Warning message for already scheduled callback tasks 

When submitting a new callback task, a warning message and list of existing callback tasks may appear. This happens if the system finds any callback tasks for the same target and service already scheduled.

In this case Supervisor has the following options:

  • "Submit" button:  A new callback task will be created anyways.
  • "Cancel" button:  A new callback task will not be created.
  • Select tasks from the list and press "Submit" button:  A new callback task will be created and any selected tasks will be removed (replaced with the new one).