TM provides the recording capabilities for audio and IM calls, it allows to save recorded files in a customer"s location and to send them to the configured email address. Such answering machines are created and configured on the recording tab. All configurations on this tab are stored in Recording Definitions .

(lightbulb) Recording Definition - A "container" object consisting of: Organization Unit + Share definition + Mail Definition.

  • Recording Mail Template - an assignable sub-element for a re-usable mail template. To be used within a Recording Definition.
  • Share Definition - an assignable sub-element for re-usable sharing locations. To be used within a Recording Definition.

(info) Recording Definitions are used in Contact Objects such as call and mail Services 

Recording Tab with a defined Share folder and Recording Definition

The table of settings:

Field Name



In this section configure the mail settings to specify where to send the recorded data.


Enter any unique name that you want to assign to the mail configuration.


Select an email account from which the recorded data will be sent.
Pre-conditions: email accounts should be configured earlier on Exchange and defined on TM Configurator -> Topology -> Credentials tab


Define the subject of the email

Mail HTML body

Define the body of the email in HTML format.
It is possible to use here the following list of parameters:

  • %Parameter.ParamCallerSipUri%
  • %Parameter.ParamCallerTelNumber%
  • %Parameter.ParamCallerDisplayName%
  • %Parameter.ParamCallerTelUri%
  • %Parameter.ParamCurrentSystemTime%
  • %Parameter.ParamServiceDisplayName%
  • %Parameter.ParamServiceSipUri%
  • %Parameter.ParamServiceTelNumber%
  • %Parameter.ParamIMText%

  • %CallerSipUri%
  • %CallerTelNumber%
  • %CallerDisplayName%
  • %CallerTelUri%
  • %CurrentSystemTime%
  • %IMText%
  • %IncomingServiceDisplayName%
  • %IncomingServiceSipUri%
  • %IncomingServiceTelNumber%
  • %ServiceDisplayName%
  • %ServiceSipUri%
  • %ServiceTelNumber%


In this section the recording file location is configured


Enter any unique name that will be used in the system


Specify the location of the recorded data

Recording Definition

In this section the recording definition is configured


Enter any unique name for the recording definition that will be used in the system


Add some description

Mail Definition

Select mail setting configured in the "Mail" section

Move to Share Definition

Select share definition configured in the "Share" section

Usage of Recording definitions

The created answering machine can be assigned to a team. Within TM Configurator

  1. Select -> Team -> Disabled Teams or TM Configurator -> Team -> Enabled Teams tab respectively.
  2. Select the value from "Set/Remove Service Voicemail" dropdown.
    → After the value for "Set/Remove Service Voicemail" field is selected , the "Voicemail to" and "Voicemail CC" fields become enabled.
  3. The Set/Remove Service Voicemail field on the TM tab

Answering Machines

After the "Set/Remove Service Voicemail" value is set for the team, it becomes available for view on TM Configurator -> Services -> Service tab on "Answering machine" filed.

The Answering Machine field on the Services tab

(info) The voicemail will be used if a workflow instance with the "Conversation Recording" workflow activity is assigned to the service