Trained Administrators only!

The following procedure is to be performed by Luware-trained system administrators only. When uncertain about certain steps, don't hesitate to contact us


Initial topology configuration is done using TM Configurator with the following steps:

  1. (Optional) Fill in Component Defaults the values via TM Configurator -> Topology -> Component Defaults tab.
  2. Define Trusted Application Pools via TM Configurator -> Topology -> Trusted Application Pools tab.
  3. Define and configure Trusted Applications via TM Configurator -> Topology -> Trusted Applications tab.
  4. Define and configure Servers via TM Configurator -> Topology -> Server (System) tab.
  5. Define and configure TM System Components via TM Configurator -> Topology -> Components (Server) tab.

(info) Below in this chapter are detailed descriptions of each tab within the Configurator.

Component Defaults

(lightbulb) As TM system administrators you are able to fill the component default values for current and future TM Components configuration and installation.

(info) These values will be used as default pre-defined values on the TM Configurator -> Topology -> Components (Server).

Component Defaults

Trusted Application Pools

The 'Trusted Application Pools' tab allows to specify the trusted application pools for the TM system as they were defined during Trusted Application Pool setup

You may have as many pools defined on this tab as you like. However, two restrictions apply:

  • only one trusted application instance of 1 AC, 1 CR and 1 ICH may be defined.
  • Among all pools no further entries for AC, CR and ICH must be made

Trusted Application Pools

After their definition, trusted application pools become available for selection within: 

  • > Services > Trusted Applications tab for configuration of trusted applications → (info) see chapter below
  • > Services > Server (System) for configuration of the server → (info) see chapter below

Trusted Applications

The 'Trusted Applications' tab allows to define trusted applications for the TM System.  Each trusted application should be assigned to a trusted application pool.

Restrictions apply:

  • Only one trusted application of each 1 AC, 1 CR and 1 ICH may be defined per application pool.

Trusted Applications Tab

The "Trusted Application Tab" has the following settings:

Field Name



Name of the application.

(info) The name can be found on Lync Server within the Microsoft Lync Server Control Panel -> Topology -> Trusted Application.

Format: urn:application:name
Example: urn:application:brown_agentcontrol


Port number of the application.

(info) The port number can be found on Lync Server machine in the Microsoft Lync Server Control Panel -> Topology -> Trusted Application.

Example: 6300

User Agent

The user agent.

(info) The name can be found on Lync Server machine in the Microsoft Lync Server Control Panel -> Topology -> Trusted Application.

Format: name (without urn:application(smile)
Example: brown_agentcontrol

Application Pool

Select the trusted application pool of the component from the dropdown.

(tick) Precondition: The trusted application pool must be configured earlier via > TM Configurator -> Topology -> Trusted Application Pools

Server Type

Select the system component from the dropdown.

Components (Server)

The "Components (Server)" tab allows to configure component parameters for the TM system.

Instructions on how to configure component details within the Components (Server) are provided on the TM System Components pages as part of their first-time installation.

Server (System) 

The "Server (System)" tab allows to define server machines for the TM system.

Register each machine by providing the following details:

Field NameDescription
NameName of the Server (used in selection pulldowns in other menus)
IP AddressStatic IP address of the server
FQDNFully Qualified Domain Name
  • Once completed you may head over to the Configuration section and start prepraring TM for productive use.
  • Have a look at the further options within the Topology Tab to configure all other aspects of TM.